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When do you need a first draft by? Motion, time of day and other elements may be vital to your case and require you and / or your expert to see an initial draft. How far in advance will you need to see this? (please use mm/dd/yyyy format)

What are the cost to quality priorities with this animation from 1 to 10? (1 being the most Cost effective, 10 being the highest end and most sophisticated lifelike realism)

What is the budget range? (custom animations can range from $4k to over $50k)

For us to provide an accurate price estimate of your project, we will need to know the entire story that you want to show. Please describe in detail how you want your final animation to play out by writing a short step by step “script” for your project:

How closely does the animation need to match the scenario of your case, i.e., character clothing, vehicle type, what is seen in the background etc. Does the character in the animation need to match your client in appearance to the moments surrounding the scenario?

What materials will you be providing, i.e. written description, depo transcripts, photos, video, etc?

Have you hired an accident reconstructionist, engineer or a human factors expert? If not, would you like us to recommend one? Would you like us to work with one to make the animation more accurate? * Please note that your animation is far more likely to overcome issues of admissibility with an expert who will testify to the accuracy of your animation and who is engaged in the process of creating it.



Animation Fees and Terms:

There is absolutely no charge to speak with your animator to discuss the details of your case for up to one full hour by way of teleconference meetings or by face to face meetings. (Face to face meetings may be limited to the geographic location of the client) Beyond one full hour of the animation consultation, legal animation consulting is then billed at our hourly animation rate of $125 per hour.

Turnaround times
Any work required after hours, weekends or on national holidays to meet an urgent deadline in less time than our standard turnaround time, will incur an additional $62.50 per hour rush fee. * Please note: At any given time, we have several other animations in production for multiple cases with pending deadlines and typically require a minimum of one 40 hour business week to include a new project into our workflow before getting started. For example, an animation that will require 32 hours to create should not be expected to be completed 32 business hours after the project has been ordered.

[What makes a great animation is how dramatic it is to the viewer and how easily the event being demonstrated can be understood. These are always the goal when creating your animation.]