Colorized Films

The Process:

1) Call and tell a degreed medical illustrator a little bit about 
your case. There is absolutely no charge for the consultation.
2) After your consultation, you can mail or email your client's 
X-Rays, MRIs, or CTs and relevant radiology reports that are 
needed to provide you with an exhibit estimate. Color films can 
be created using your clients films either on CD or the traditional
14"x17" format.
3) Your medical illustrator will then create a Visual Communication
Strategy Analysis. Your VCSA will list suggested exhibit ideas and
what each demonstrative would cost. There is still no obligation to
place an order at this time.
4) Upon your written approval of the exhibits that you would like to
have created for your case, work will begin. (Some cases require
a 50% deposit for projects that exceed $2,000)
5) A proof (draft) will be provided to you by email as a jpg or pdf
(or mailed as an 8.5x11 print if preferred).
6) If revisions are requested, they are then made at no additional cost.
7) Depending on your desired final output, your final exhibits will
either get boxed up and 2 day shipped to you via FedEx or emailed
to you as a jpg or pdf. Legal Art Works ships your exhibits to you
absolutely free! (Min. order of $250