Sky Witness Disclaimer

Satellite imagery gives accident animations an extremely lifelike look since the environment being seen actually is real. Not all vehicle animations are eligible at the SkyWitness rate. Any accident can be animated at Legal Art Works however some restrictions apply as are outlined below.

Accident Animation Diagram includes:

• The animation will contain collisions between two vehicles and as much as one inanimate object, such as a telephone pole or cement median divider.

• Small effects of broken glass, smoke, inconsequential flying debris (see animation samples for examples).

• A satellite image of the area with minor adjustments made to accommodate the animation on top of the image.

• One hour of consultation time to become familiar with your case and make sure the motion matches your expectations.

• Up to a Full 30 seconds of animation time to show any details leading up to or directly after the crash that may also be important to see.

Additional charges apply for:

• Multiple views or driver perspectives

• Multiple scenarios or "the way it happened and the way it could have happened" options

• Pedestrians or foot traffic seen moving around during the animation

• Multiple vehicle collisions

• Specialized vehicles, maritime vehicles, and aircraft

This list is for example purposes and is NOT meant to be a comprehensive collection of what constitutes as additional fees. Your designer will notify you if your particular case has elements that would be important to show but are not covered by the cost listed in a proposal.